British Museum Feminine Power Exhibition Trip

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British Museum Feminine Power Exhibition Trip

As part of Diversity Week at Coloma, a number of Year 10 students had the opportunity to visit the British Museum in central London. The focus of the trip was to attend the Feminine Power Exhibition.

All the students were outstanding representatives of Coloma on the day. Thank you to Jess Obace and Edisia Rodrigues for their reflections on the day (see below) and Mrs Abbott, Mrs Myerscough, Mr Langley and Miss Humphries for accompanying the students.

On Monday 4th July, myself and some other lucky Year 10 students had the incredible opportunity to visit the British Museum. The main focus of the day was the Feminine Power Exhibition, where we were able to explore the influence that women have had throughout history, whether that is cultural or religious. We were then given the chance to interact with the exhibit, to share and reflect on our own views about what femininity means to us. This was a really empowering experience, seeing what people from different backgrounds wanted to convey about this topic.

Another thing I really enjoyed about this trip was the freedom we got to explore and see other relics from the museum. I particularly loved the Africa section of the museum, where I was able to see the artistic and historical diversity and complexity of the continent. There were quite a diverse range of statues and monuments with so much background to them. It was fascinating to see years and years worth of stories and experiences all in one place.

Overall, the day helped me to learn more about who I am and what my history is, with my gender as well as my race.

Jess Obace, 10Y


On Monday 4th July 2022, students from year 10 took a trip to The British Museum in London. The museum had a wide variety of exhibitions such as the ‘Feminine Power’ Exhibitions where we were shown various different artworks and artefacts from a variety of cultures which we found thoroughly interesting and thought provoking.  As part of this, we were also asked to define what feminine power means to us which was intriguing to hear and see other girls’ own thoughts on this question. We were able to explore many different cultures such as women in Egyptian culture and among other different backgrounds which was very educational. As a result of the experience, we felt that the exhibition was really enlightening as it allowed us to learn about femininity and feminine power in non-European countries and throughout the ages. It was a really fun experience and I am so glad that I was able to enjoy this opportunity.

Edisia Rodrigues, 10Z