Unieco’s Journey

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Unieco’s Journey

As the Young Enterprise programme comes to an end, we, Unieco would like to tell you about our journey as a company. All our hard work and time has gone into generating over £2,000 of revenue and giving all our shareholders a return on their investments. At the end of year awards, we were able to win 2 awards including the 360-Feedback Award and Digital Presence Award which we are very proud of. This experience has been ultimately amazing and as a whole team and individually so many skills have been developed and gained like teamwork, confidence and determination to mention only a few!

We have learnt a lot from this experience which we hope to take with us into life, we took part in fundraising events, trade fairs and also school selling which helped us get Unieco out there to the best of our ability. We as a company believed strongly in our mission and ethos which was to produce eco-friendly products which were affordable and hopefully lead to change, therefore we developed an extra passion to succeed. It was not an easy process as problems do arise but we managed as a team to deliver the products we believed in and have a brilliant time whilst doing so.

We would like to say thank you to all those who purchased our products and gave us the support we needed as a company. We would like to also thank Coloma for letting us do the events which helped us buy our stock and sell them around school. As a whole this experience will stay with us forever and hopefully you will always remember Unieco.

Thank You and May God bless,