Edulink One

EduLink One is software designed to allow parents, students and teachers to communicate more effectively whilst also giving parents more access to your daughter’s achievements, behaviour and attendance data.

It also allows parents to update contact details to ensure that they are kept consistently accurate, thus ensuring you do not miss any vital communication from the school.

You can download the Edulink One app to your mobile devices, which gives you extra flexibility in accessing the information you may need on your daughter’s school day. Alternatively, you can log on to Edulink One by using the url:

and typing in Coloma as the school id. You may also use the school’s postcode (CR9 5AS) to link to the school system before supplying your username and password as per the letter sent out in September.

“I just want to say, EduLink is great. Thank you. It’s is clear and it has everything I would like to see as a parent and as a student too.” – Parent of student in Year 8