Admissions appeals

If your daughter has not been offered a placed at Coloma Convent Girls’ School you have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel. This right applies in respect of all applications for all Year Groups.

If you decide to appeal you will need to think about:

  • Coloma’s published admission criteria and arrangements set out in the 2024-25 Admission Policies;
  • The reasons for wanting your daughter to attend Coloma;
  • The alternative schools available.

How do I make an appeal?

The contact email for appeals is

An appeal form will be sent to you. All paperwork must be completed and returned by the date stipulated.

The Panel will be given a copy of your original application and any other paperwork that you have submitted. You can add to this information on your appeal form and attach any documents in support of your case. Any additional paperwork should be provided in advance as it will not be possible for the Panel to consider additional submissions on the day of the hearing.

Year 7 Entry in September 2024

National Offer Day & Waiting List

National Offer Day for Secondary Applications is Friday 1st March 2024.

Please ensure that you accept the place offered to you through the local authority eAdmissions portal. Accepting a place does not influence the outcome of a request to go onto a Waiting List or Admissions Appeal in any way, but ensures that your child will have a school place in September.

If you have already made an application to us and Coloma was a higher preference than the one you have been offered, the Local Authority will automatically add you onto our waiting list. If Coloma was a lower preference, please contact your Local Authority and ask that your child is added to our waiting list.

If you have not applied to us previously, you need to notify your local authority that you wish to be added onto our waiting list and complete a Supplementary Information Form to ensure that any additional information is taken into account.

Please bear in mind that it is not possible to make further offers until we have received notification from the local authorities of the outcome of all offers made on March 1st.

Year 7 Admissions Appeals Timetable

If you wish to appeal against a decision not to offer a place in Year 7 for September 2024, please contact

Date Stage
Friday 1st March 2024 (evening)  Parents and carers notified of secondary school application outcomes.
From Friday 1st March 2024 (evening) Parents and carers whose applications to Coloma have been unsuccessful, and who would like to be placed on the waiting list and/or to request information on how to appeal, are asked to email
From Monday 4th March 2024 The admission authority will begin to provide written confirmation of the reason why an application was unsuccessful to parents and carers who wish to appeal (appellants).
Friday 3rd May 2024 Deadline for appellants to lodge written appeals setting out grounds for appeal.
At least 10 days before Deadline for the admission authority to notify appellants of the appeal hearing date and time.
By the end of June 2024 Appeal hearings. Appellants will be allocated a specific date and time for their individual appeal hearings.
Within 7 calendar days of the individual hearings, wherever possible Deadline for dispatch of decision letters.

Please note:

Bank Holidays:

  • Friday 29th March 2024                      Good Friday
  • Monday 1st April 2024                       Easter Monday
  • Monday 6th May 2024                        Early May Bank Holiday
  • Monday 27th May 2024                      Spring Bank Holiday

School Holidays: 

  • 29th Mar 2024 - 12th Apr 2024
  • 27th May 2024 - 31st May 2024