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Art and design touches every aspect of our daily lives from the clothes we wear to the design of the streets we walk down.  The study of Art and Design helps to develop our students' visual literacy, so they are able to find meaning in symbols, codes and conventions, this is especially important in today’s technology driven world.  Developing the cultural capital of our students helps them to better understand their local environment and global issues. Within the art curriculum we aim to help students engage with topical and social awareness by exploring the work of a range of artists from different historical periods, genders and ethnicity. The study of Art encourages students to take creative risks and ask themselves questions about the world. By ensuring our students are visually literate we are providing them with transferable life skills to make reasonable and informed sense of the world around them.


In the Art Department at Coloma, our curriculum has been collaboratively designed to provide our students with a broad range of practical skills and knowledge needed to make successful transitions to the next stage of their life, whether they choose to continue their study of Art & Design or not. We have developed an engaging Art and Design curriculum based upon the principles of the National Curriculum that encourages students to be curious about the world.  We endeavour to broaden their creative horizons by consistently exposing them to a wide variety of artistic experiences and contextual input from a variety of different times and cultures, to broaden their creative skills, challenge stereotypes and raise aspirations. It is our intent that our curriculum allows our students to confidently explore and respond to the Art Formal Elements, which underpin our lessons and schemes of work. Students who study Art & Design can go on to foundation studies and then degree programmes in a wide range of artistic subject areas. Career paths include architecture, theatre design, textile design and photography to name but a few.


The curriculum for Art & Design is developed to enable students to gradually build on their skills and  understanding of the formal elements of Art. Students are encouraged to experiment with materials in a variety of individual and group work projects. We provide contexts that are relevant and take into account the particular interests of our students, to enhance their experience of the subject.  In Year 7 the students begin by telling us about their experience of Art in year 6. They then explore colour theory and how to put this into practice by developing a landscape painting before moving onto a still life project in a  variety of mixed media, based on the work of Wayne Thiebaud.  Year 8 students explore the natural world through a selection of media including clay work. For their next unit they then use Art textiles to create a 3D sculpture. In year 9 students explore their own identity as a starting point, encompassing their nationality, their religion and their own personal interests.


Our department has endeavoured to develop a safe learning environment for all students, where they feel supported and secure. Each year the curriculum builds on prior knowledge, tackling increasingly challenging concepts. Within each project we have carefully considered and mapped out key themes, skills and techniques to build in their understanding of the formal elements of Art. We aim to maximise long term retention, through revisiting techniques and ideas; and testing knowledge. To support the diverse needs of our students, staff  have produced a range of resources and content within the department from power-points to student exemplars. Teachers use these in lessons to support with practical demonstrations. Within the department we endeavour to promote an understanding of not simply what, but why we are learning. We aim to provide contexts that are relevant and where possible take into account the particular interests of learners.

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