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“Law is a subject of the people. It aims to develop analytical minds and seeks to produce confident defenders of public rights and responsibilities."

Curriculum Intent 

Law is an exciting, highly respected and intellectual rigorous A Level course.  During the programme of study, students will develop an understanding of public and private law in England and Wales which spans a range of topics including constitutional law, tort law, criminal law and contract law.  They will also develop skills with will prepare them for further undergraduate study and future careers. These transferable skills include an ability to interpret complex information, research skills, the formation of sound arguments based on legal authority, problem solving, reasoning, negotiation, the ability to write concisely and accurately, and the ability to communicate with confidence.

In summary students will learn to; 

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the English legal system and legal rules and principles.

  • Apply legal principles, legislation and case law to given scenarios in order to present legal argument using appropriate legal terminology.

  • Analyse and evaluate legal rules, principles, concepts and issues.

  • Demonstrate critical awareness of the influence and operation of the law in society.

What it leads to

There are an array of benefits to studying A Level Law. It links with all aspects of society. It helps students develop a range of transferable skills: analytical skills, attention to detail, logical thinking, research skills, essay writing skills and the ability to produce a balanced argument. The A Level gives an excellent introduction for students who want to read law at university or start a legal apprenticeship. It demystifies the law.  It enables citizens to ‘make a difference’. 

A Level Law links well with Humanities and Social Science subjects including: Criminology, History, Politics, Sociology, Psychology, English, Philosophy, Economics and Business. 

Curriculum  Implementation 

Students will follow the specification for Law A-level receiving 5 hours of lesson time a week.  

Lessons may involve teaching & learning of content, skills development, examination practice, discussions based on current cases, student presentations etc.

Subject Documents Date  
Law KS5 Curriculum Overview 2023 06th Mar 2024 Download